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Inner Game to Freedom.

Your First Steps

the first steps on the path of the Inner Game to freedom is becoming aware of past conditioning and the repetitive patterns being played out by negative reactions and behaviour. 


reprogramming needs to happen at a subconscious, unconscious, bio-energy and DNA level.   

without all these levels being worked on to shift it, people end up getting caught up in a loop pattern of negative and shadow behaviour bringing up feelings of resistance, anxiety, frustration, impatience, overwhelm and fear.     


patterns end up becoming reality and life unfolds as a series of drama, discordance, lack of stability in mind and emotion and lack of harmony.   

most people shy away from and blame others or things for this discordance, however, when harnessed, can be the very gift for powerful change.  

the shadow states can be used as a window of enquiry to uncover the underlying programming that’s driving the behaviour in attempt to protect the core wounding.


learning about your reactions and upsets are an important part of this journey.  you are required to show up to do the work of uncovering the imprinted program that is currently driving your whole system.   

from here, we are able to assist you in short cutting and accelerating you through the reprogramming, clearing, restructuring and expansion of consciousness.

Course Preview

Week 1 / Hara Healing and Meridian Clearing
having a strong Hara is the absolute key for being able to manifest well in your physical life. your Hara houses the field of intention which is where the power of manifestation begins. we will be showing you how to strengthen your Hara and create strong intentions for your life. start clearing your sub-conscious mind, unconscious mind to allow your conscious mind to do the work.
Week 2 / Clearing, cleansing and reviving 1st Energy Centre - Root Chakra
these patterns drive your life creating deviations from being able to access your desired freedom and show up as blame or programmed patterned behaviour. the programs are set as a protective layer for core wounding held in the unconscious mind. because core wounds were programmed from birth to the age of seven, it is hardwired and deeply embedded in the unconscious mind making it difficult to access. being responsible for your own reality and what is causing all your upsets and reactions is key. in week 2 you will be watching for any triggers that happen and start becoming aware of your triggers and making a note of how you felt, how you responded
Week 3 / Identifying and Releasing Imprinted Programming 2nd Energy Centre - Sacral Chakra
we will be exploring in more detail Imprinted programs and teach you a way for you to reverse engineer your upsets and irritations so you can get to the bottom of why they are there in the first place.
Week 4 / Regenerating flow, form and function of energy 3rd Energy Centre - Solar Plexus
a strong 3rd chakra creates more balance and harmony with one’s own self worth and direction. when functioning correctly helps you to be expressive, intuitive, confident with a strong feeling of who you are and what you stand for. it allows clarity of thought and a healthy self-esteem to direct your life into the direction of your life path.
Week 5 / Moving beyond all preconceived limitations and doubts 4th Energy Centre - Throat Chakra
a fully functional 4th chakra is a gateway for Divine Will to flow through you. Harmonising and balancing your 5th chakra is where you can connect and communicate with ease and effortless intention allowing Divine Will (masculine and feminine energies combined) to express itself through you. this chakra centre gives power to being able to speak one’s truth when there is total love and acceptance of every part of themselves. this chakra allows one to go beyond all limits of time and space and rise above all conditioning.
Week 6 / Transmission of Ego Deficiencies and Soul Needs 4th Energy Centre - Heart Chakra
the KEY to unlocking FLOW in your life is through a healthy functioning heart chakra. working your heart and mind together generates a synchronisation with the flow of energy to unlock higher intelligence. without the heart chakra functioning well in 100% flow you will always be off with decision making and out of kilter with the world around you.  it is an absolute necessity to work on removing the blockages, pain, and imprinting inside the chakra creating any separation from LOVE.  once you do this, you can enter FLOW and allow life to unfold through you with magical synchronicity.
Week 7 / Bridging to the Higher Spiritual Energy Centres 5th Energy Centre - Throat Chakra
an imbalanced throat chakra leads to a tendency of self doubt creating negative looping thought patterns around uncertainty, distrust and denial of one’s truth. activating the throat chakra to full harmonic balance enhances one’s integrity and sense of honour for all life, opening a gateway for honest and clear communication from the heart enabling compassionate listening.
Week 8 / Open up heightened sensory perception. 6th Energy Centre - Third Eye
when the 6th chakra is in balance you are able to open up to higher insight and knowledge.  you are able to see the bigger picture playing out in your life, you become the director of your life rather than the actor.  you are no longer a piece of the puzzle, you are the puzzle maker. you open yourself up to the higher spiritual dimensional realms and can experience yourself as a larger consciousness field of energy with access to universal knowledge. 
Week 9 / Bringing through consciousness from Source. 7th Energy Centre - Crown Chakra
to enter the consciousness of the crown chakra, one must become entirely emptied and release all worldly attachments from life. this energy vortex is where one transcends from divine knowledge to a divine being by becoming entirely emptied and releasing all worldly attachments from life. there is no intellectual understanding at this level of consciousness as the self-has dissolved into the absolute source of all. this is only serenity, peace, joy, and love through the illumination of the divine self within.
Week 10 / Working through ancestral family constellation of accumulated Karma
each of us has incarnated many times, and we have all made choices not in alignment with the divine right order, and this has been building KARMA. a way of looking at karma is: decisions, truths, concepts, alignments, contracts, oaths, vows, unresolved emotions, and attitudes, held consciously or unconsciously that create, influence, or magnetise events and experience in the current reality. these are held by us not only individually, but collectively through our genetic line which means we are affected not only by our own choices but the choices of our ancestors. this clearing focuses on energetic Karma held in Nadi’s and DNA templates of both self and past ancestry line preventing the past from continuing to affect the future.
Week 11 / Working through Past / Quantum Life Karma and memories of our Souls
as with week 10, but we are now taking the level of KARMA to a much deeper level. this is Karma which is spanning over all time, space dimensions and all reality. time is non linear and occurs simultaneously in multiple realities. nothing escapes the karmic consequences of breaking Natural Law. this includes other incarnations your consciousness has experienced and Karma overrides free with. patterns and situations will continue to play out in your life until the lesson has been learned to clear the Karma.
Week 12 / Clearing memories at Soul Level
here we will explore clearing any aspects of KARMA still held in our Soul, clearing up any Soul contracts any consequences of choices made not in the moment with your Soul mission and held at soul level.

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