Step in to your
higher self.

Mentorship and
Intuitive Healing Sessions

These sessions ignite your truth from within. We hold a safe space for you to explore your inner world with confidence, curiosity and unconditional love.  Peeling back each layer revealing what is really keeping you blocked and stopping you from living your true potential. Feel guided and supported throughout your transformation into your journey of total freedom.

One-to-One Session 90 minute
Investment £255

Alchemise your triggers and patterns, respond to challenging situations as opposed to knee jerk reacting.  Take charge of your emotions, sense the inner harmony that builds trust to improve personal and professional relationships through aligned conscious communication.

Develop your intuition, trust and take the required action on your decisions and inner guidance.

Step into your new dimension of reality upgrading to a level not yet available in your present existence. Experience harmonic resonance co-creating with the Quantum Energy Field.

Maxine’s broad skills, knowledge and diverse experiences enables her to adapt and tailor each session specifically to your needs.  

Guiding you to your inner souls’ connection and the Universal pulsation of life, consciously aligning you to your VISION.

Welcome to your transformation.


Maxine has been an amazing support to me with my spiritual wellbeing. My whole wellbeing feels calmer, happier, more balanced. I feel like such a fortunate person to have experienced this and will 100% continue this as part of my life moving forward. Totally amazing!!! – Joe B.

Working with Maxine has been truly transformational. Her incredible skills, commitment to get results, guidance on what steps to take next while working with her were spot on. Thank you, Maxine, from the bottom of my heart. – Pavla E.

cosmically amazing is the best term I have to try and convey the richness, release, and return to wholeness I’m experiencing as she’s guides me. Her humility, deep reverence, and unending love is evident as she pours out her heart and soul. any who trust her and take her hand and simply ask her guidance to grow. – Christopher M.

Ready for more?

One-to-One Session
2 x 90 minute
Investment £455