It's time to thrive

Manifest wealth and attract abundance in the New Financial System.

Conscious Crypto is a private learning community, offering spiritually-minded individuals the guidance, education and support in mastering cryptocurrency and building wealth consciousness.

i want to share with you the amazing journey offered by the conscious crypto circle and how it was one of the most life-changing investments i have ever made.  

the masterclass

the masterclass focused on thriving during the great wealth transfer and how to position my life for financial abundance. christof melchizedek’s enlightening presentation helped me understand the role cryptocurrency plays in achieving financial freedom.

after attending the masterclass, i knew that they were the community i needed for support in mastering cryptocurrency and building wealth consciousness. thanks to the conscious crypto circle, i am using my newfound crypto knowledge to live a life of freedom and value.

i’m inviting you to join their free masterclass about the great wealth transfer and learn how you can change your life too. 

you deserve a life of abundance and prosperity. and the conscious crypto circle will guide you there.

need help finding your path?

maxine’s sessions ignite your truth from within. we hold a safe space for you to explore your inner world with confidence, curiosity and unconditional love.  peeling back each layer revealing what is really keeping you blocked and stopping you from living your true potential. feel guided and supported throughout your transformation into your journey of total freedom.